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20 years ago, Romania was leaving behind the communist system and was making its first steps toward democracy and a market economy, having to make up for a 45 years’ time-lag. While the European countries were safely developing, investing in infrastructure, for the benefit of the state and society, in socialist Romania the economy was based on the principles of a totalitarian state, only interested in its own image.

The cities of Romania are making their very first steps into the development of IT C infrastructure, a situation caused mainly by a historic time-lag. After 20 years, the process still goes on, and the cities of Romania make efforts to make up for wasted time and catch up with Western European cities. 

The economic context was not and is not favorable and the development of the infrastructure calls for important investments, efforts and sacrifices.  In my capacity as mayor of a Romanian city, I must confess that during my terms in office, I couldn’t afford to set ITC issues among my priorities. However, along with the city counselors, we made huge efforts in point of infrastructure upgrading and development,  significantly making up for the above mentioned gaps and becoming one of the most modern and re-shaped cities in Romania.

As a participant in Global Forum, I gave a message to the representatives of the Romanian local authorities, to my fellow workers: the time has come for ITC to become a priority, if not a top priority for the local public administration in this country. 

We should make a start in considering this field as a development generating factor. We have examples of successful results in this field, offered by cities from different parts of the world. The services provided to the citizens and to the private environment are not mere “instruments for cutting down red tape”. Though they tend to become just words in statements or documents, these services are actually, solid, reliable and obvious sources for important savings, incomes and work places.

What we have to do is develop and implement efficient, interoperable IT systems, in accordance with the technical standards promoted by specialists from all over the world. We must offer our citizens and the business environment access to customer friendly services, so as to ease the stress of everyday life and provide them proper living conditions.

By “Mures Digital” Strategy, together with the local counselors and the City consultants we wish to lay the foundations of a modern local informatics society meant to serve the bilingual community we represent. We want Tirgu-Mures to become an exemplary digital city al the international level, to continuously develop, following its own strategy, irrespective of political factors.

We shall try to create this system based on partnerships with the private business sector, the academia environment and experienced consultants from all over the world. We shall try to make investments through attracting non-reimbursable funds and public-private partnerships, so as to relieve the local budget as much as possible.

“Digital Mures” Strategy has two main components: a modern infrastructure of public-private services on the one hand, and the construction of technological park specialized in medical informatics, on the other.

While the infrastructure of public-private services will generate savings and will increase the comfort of the citizen and of the private business sector, “The scientific city for medical informatics” will contribute to the development of industry and research at the global level, and will lead to the creation of thousands of work places at Tirgu-Mures.

My message to the private and academia environment is as follows: we’ve come up with a vision, the market has validated it, I’m waiting for you to come to us and start building together. The mayor has firmly committed himself to the project, we wait for the private and academia leaders to do the same.

Dorin Florea,

Mayor of Tirgu-Mures City

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